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Dear valued .tel community member,

Further to our recent communications, we are pleased to inform you that the new and free Telhosting system is now live at https://www.managemy.tel and you should have received your new account details and had the opportunity to log in and build your digital profile. If you have not received your new account details yet, please contact us at cservice@telnic.org and we’ll get you up and running.

As well as launching a new Telhosting platform, we’d like to inform you of some further exciting developments:


New Telnic website incorporating Telhosting Account management

We have revamped the Telnic website which can be found at www.do.tel. From the site, you can search for a new .tel name and be referred to our list of accredited retailers. You can also add new .tel domains to your Telhosting account or if you are a first time .tel buyer you can set up a new Telhosting account. To do either of these, go to https://www.do.tel/signup and follow the simple 3 step process.


New Smartphone Apps

To compliment the launch of the new platform we have released new Apple and Android smartphone apps which you can use to manage your .tel domain on the go. These are available to download for free from our website at https://www.do.tel/manage-your-tel


Lifting of Restrictions

As a direct result of your feedback, Telnic has successfully negotiated the lifting of usage restrictions from your .tel domain. This means that if you do not want to use our Telhosting platform, you can now use your .tel to host your own website and other digital services of your choosing.

To host your name on another platform you will need to change your .tel DNS settings and this is normally a function made available to you through your domain provider or registrar. Please contact them directly for more details.


Premium Names

Telnic is planning to release its premium name portfolio for public registration in the summer of 2017. The release will include a wide range of great names so watch out for details on this from your domain provider.


An FAQ is provided below to help you further understand the nature of the changes we have made. I hope that you are as excited as we are by this news and we look forward to working with you to grow the .tel community. If you have any questions, please contact us at cservice@telnic.org


Kindest Regards,


Khashayar Mahdavi
Telnic Ltd



1. Where do I go to access the new Telhosting platform?

The new Telhosting platform is available at https://www.managemy.tel


2. I am an existing .tel owner and I have not yet received the details of my new Telhosting account. What should I do?

If you have not received account details for your new Telhosting account, you should contact Telnic by sending an email to cservice@telnic.org confirming the domain name(s) in question.


3. My email has stopped working since the new system went live on 13th March

You need to go to https://www.managemy.tel, Settings and then Setup .tel email and enter the Order and Server Host name values of your email provider. If you need further assistance, contact us at cservice@telnic.org


4. How do I change the email address that you hold on record against my Telhosting account?

To change your email address please contact us at cservice@telnic.org confirming the email address you wish to use. We will need to validate each request to ensure that it is coming from the legitimate domain owner.


5. I do not see all my .tel names in my account. What should I do?

It is possible that we have set up multiple .tel accounts if you own multiple .tel names with different providers or you have used different email addresses for registering your names. We can help you consolidate these names. Please send an email to cservice@telnic.org listing the names that you wish to consolidate under one account


6. Can I still access my data on the old Telhosting system?

.tel domain owner data that resides on the old Telhosting system is no longer accessible. All .tel owners were advised to take backups of this data prior to 13th March 2017 if they wished to use this data for their own purposes going forward.


7. Why has Telnic not migrated my data from the old Telhosting platform to the new?

The old Telhosting platform is being retired and the new platform is not designed as a like for like replacement in terms of functionality or data structure. As such, there is no direct data migration path from old to new so you will need to log in and republish your contact records in order to take advantage of new functionality that does not exist in the old platform. The vast majority of .tel owners only publish a single page of contacts and content and re-publishing will be a very quick exercise.


8. Will a restore of a backup file from the old system work in the new system?

If your old .tel contained only a single page then a restore may work depending on the types of contact records you were storing. If however it contained sub domains or sub pages a restore will not work.


9. What happens to any new .tel domains that I buy after 13th March 2017?

After 13th March 2017, you can claim your free Telhosting account or add names to an existing account from our website at https://www.do.tel/signup. For names purchased after 13th March 2017, after you have claimed your Telhosting account, you will need to set up the following name servers in your .tel DNS zone file. This can be done through your domain service provider or registrar

  • ns1.telnames.dns.nic.tel
  • ns2.telnames.dns.nic.tel
  • ns3.telnames.dns.nic.tel


10. What happens if I do not access my new Telhosting account and add some contacts or content?

If you do not populate your new Telhosting account with any data, your .tel domain will show a standard empty template page. Any content that you add after 13th March will automatically be published.


11. Is there a smartphone app to help manage my .tel domain content on the new Telhosting platform?

Yes. Telnic have now released a new Apple and Android App to help you manage your .tel. The apps are available to download at https://www.do.tel/manage-your-tel


12. What are the functional differences between the current and new Telhosting platforms?

The new Telhosting platform will be a single page product.  You can see an example of the new product in use at:  http://telpage.tel. It provides a more modern interface that allows the user to:

  • Publish contact and content records
  • Add PDF documents
  • Add Promotional product/service offers
  • Add Images and Video
  • Sell Products and services via a PayPal interface
  • Add custom design
  • Add an image advert

The new platform does not support a number of features from the current platform detailed in the list below. The decision to exclude these features was based on customer feedback and usage statistics.

  • Multiple pages or sub-domains
  • Telfriends and private data support
  • .tel search functionality
  • Multiple profile support
  • Telhosting product language support for Arabic, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian.
  • SOAP API access for registrars and domain owners
  • Google Ad sense integration


13. How will Telnic support the new Telhosting platform?

From 13th March 2017, all support requests from domain owners that use the new Telhosting platform should be sent to cservice@telnic.org. Telnic will handle these requests directly.


14. Can I use my .tel to host my own website?

Yes. You can now use your .tel to host your own website. You will need to contact your domain provider or use their control panel to repoint your .tel domain to your new website or hosting platform.


15. If I am not using the Telhosting platform, who do I contact for .tel domain support?

Starting 13th March 2017, if you have questions about your domain name and are not using the Telhosting platform, you should contact your registrar or reseller for support or the 3rd party hosting provider if you have opted to use this service.


16. Will domain owners be charged for the new Telhosting platform?

No. Telnic will continue to provide a free and optional Telhosting service to all .tel community members.


17. Will my domain registration and ownership status be affected by the Telhosting changes?

No. You will continue to be the owner of your .tel domain and there is no change to the contractual relationship you have with your registrar or reseller with respect to domain renewal and other domain specific activities such as transfers and WHOIS updates. Your registrar will still be your point of contact with respect to these key domain lifecycle activities.



  • 李.tel

  • 王.tel

  • 张.tel

  • 刘.tel

  • 陈.tel

  • 杨.tel

  • 赵.tel

  • 黄.tel

  • 周.tel

  • 吴.tel

  • 徐.tel

  • 孙.tel

  • 胡.tel

  • 朱.tel

  • 高.tel

  • 何.tel

  • 郭.tel

  • 马.tel

  • 罗.tel

  • 梁.tel

  • 宋.tel

  • 郑.tel

  • 谢.tel

  • 韩.tel

  • 唐.tel

  • 冯.tel

  • 于.tel

  • 董.tel

  • 萧.tel

  • 程.tel


  • 财富.tel

  • 发财.tel

  • 致富.tel

  • 幸运.tel

  • 好运.tel

  • 凤凰.tel

  • 运气.tel

  • 信息.tel

  • 业务.tel

  • 商业.tel

  • 买卖.tel

  • 生意.tel

  • 价格.tel

  • 工作.tel

  • 医院.tel

  • 食堂.tel

  • 你好.tel

  • 您好.tel

  • 我的.tel

  • 你的.tel

  • 您的.tel

  • 谢谢.tel

  • 喜欢.tel

  • 高兴.tel

  • 结婚.tel

  • 修理.tel

  • 介绍.tel

  • 学习.tel

  • 时尚.tel

  • 博客.tel


  • bao.tel

  • dou.tel

  • gao.tel

  • gin.tel

  • guo.tel

  • hou.tel

  • jin.tel

  • jun.tel

  • qiu.tel

  • shi.tel

  • yin.tel

  • zou.tel

  • biao.tel

  • chan.tel

  • ding.tel

  • dong.tel

  • liao.tel

  • peng.tel

  • qiao.tel

  • shao.tel

  • shui.tel

  • tian.tel

  • zeng.tel

  • zhou.tel

  • chang.tel

  • chien.tel

  • facai.tel

  • jiang.tel

  • kaifa.tel

  • liang.tel

  • meinu.tel

  • nihao.tel

  • ninde.tel

  • baoshi.tel

  • xingfu.tel

  • yidong.tel

  • gaoxing.tel

NNN.tel 三数字.tel

  • 115.tel

  • 119.tel

  • 121.tel

  • 136.tel

  • 186.tel

  • 249.tel

  • 254.tel

  • 259.tel

  • 264.tel

  • 274.tel

  • 284.tel

  • 294.tel

  • 315.tel

  • 324.tel

  • 327.tel

  • 329.tel

  • 341.tel

  • 364.tel

  • 374.tel

  • 376.tel

  • 394.tel

  • 396.tel

  • 524.tel

  • 526.tel

  • 527.tel

  • 624.tel

  • 634.tel

  • 642.tel

  • 643.tel

  • 674.tel

NNNN.tel 四数字.tel

  • 0060.tel

  • 0080.tel

  • 0088.tel

  • 0108.tel

  • 0168.tel

  • 0188.tel

  • 1088.tel

  • 1108.tel

  • 1238.tel

  • 1288.tel

  • 5688.tel

  • 6080.tel

  • 6088.tel

  • 6166.tel

  • 6188.tel

  • 6680.tel

  • 6686.tel

  • 6866.tel

  • 7088.tel

  • 7688.tel

  • 8001.tel

  • 8168.tel

  • 8680.tel

  • 8801.tel

  • 8816.tel

  • 8860.tel

  • 9188.tel


  • 北京.life

  • 上海.life

  • 深圳.life

  • 广东.life

  • 广州.life

  • 互联网.life

  • 交友.life

  • 动漫.life

  • 动画.life

  • 化妆.life

  • 域名.life

  • 宝石.life

  • 翡翠.life

  • 可爱.life

  • 合作.life

  • 好运.life

  • 娱乐.life

  • 工作.life

  • 幸福.life

  • 幸运.life

  • 快乐.life

  • 成功.life

  • 房地产.life

  • 投资.life

  • 旅游.life

  • 时尚.life

  • 汽车.life

  • 游戏.life

  • 漫画.life

  • 烹饪.life

  • 猫.life

  • 电子.life

  • 电影.life

  • 电脑.life

  • 电视.life

  • 网.life

  • 网红.life

  • 美丽.life

  • 美容.life

  • 美食.life

  • 股票.life

  • 融资.life

  • 财富.life

  • 贷款.life

  • 足球.life

  • 金.life

  • 音乐.life

  • 风水.life


  • baoshi.life

  • caifu.life

  • ceshi.life

  • facai.life

  • gaoxing.life

  • gouwu.life

  • guniang.life

  • hulianwang.life

  • keai.life

  • meinu.life

  • meiren.life

  • mingzi.life

  • shangye.life

  • shaonu.life

  • shengyi.life

  • wanghong.life

  • wangluo.life

  • xingyun.life

  • youmei.life


  • lovers.gold

  • marry.gold

  • rouge.gold

  • emerald.gold

  • topaz.gold

  • venus.gold

  • violet.gold

  • sexual.gold

  • say.gold

  • 金.gold

  • 钱.gold

  • 手机.gold

  • 健康.gold

  • 发财.gold

  • 好运.gold

  • 幸福.gold

  • 幸运.gold

  • 你好.gold

  • facai.gold

  • haoyun.gold

  • jiankang.gold

  • keai.gold

  • meili.gold

  • nihao.gold

  • shouji.gold

  • xingfu.gold

  • xingyun.gold

  • yuming.gold


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